What is NEVDIS?

NEVDIS Explained and Why you Need a NEVDIS VIN Number Check by REVS Check Report

NEVDIS is an acronym that stands for the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System. The NEVDIS database is a national database of all the vehicles registered in Australia. The NEVDIS database is called an exchange system because the data is provided by and managed by state and territory road agencies and shared with each other throughout the country.

Local states are responsible for uploading the data to the NEVDIS database. This is why you may find persons searching for NEVDIS WA because it is state managed. But the information is accessible across Australia. The NEVDIS database was created in 1998 and is owned by Austroads on behalf of the eight territories and states in Australia.

What is a NEVDIS Check?

The NEVDIS database is intended to prevent fraud and vehicle theft. The aim is to ensure that there is always one VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to one vehicle and one person to one driver’s licence. So, for persons in the automotive industry and who are buying used cars, when you run a NEVDIS VIN number Check, you are essentially trying to verify this information.

When you do a PPSR check on a motor vehicle, the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) will also pull information on the vehicle from the NEVDIS database. That’s why you can get certain information that is typically associated with a VIN number Check.

You can run a NEVDIS Check on REVS Check Report using:

  • The Registration number linked to the state
  • The VIN number

NEVDIS | VIN Check – Why They Matter

The NEVDIS database collects and stores VIN information collected from vehicle wholesalers, and vehicle theft information from the police. All this data is used to provide the public with useful data which can be accessed with a VIN number check. So, a NEVDIS VIN Check is essentially a way to access the national data available on a vehicle that can help you to decide whether you want to buy a particular used car.

You won’t be able to find a free NEVDIS check or do Revs check free, but you can find affordable NEVDIS VIN Check on REVS Check Report.

Understanding NEVDIS Codes in Your VIN Check Report

When you conduct a motor vehicle search of the PPSR with a VIN Number check, you will get specific information from the NEVDIS in your report. So, while the PPSR is responsible for the finance owing data, the NEVDIS check will tell you about Written-Off Vehicle (WOV) status, Stolen Status, and Registration Status.

NEVDIS Written-off Vehicle Notification

This section of your VIN Check report gives you information on reported write-off entries on the vehicle, if any. This may be due to collision, storm, flooding, etc. You will see whether it’s a repairable write-off, inspected repairable write-off, statutory write-off, or unrecovered, along with the date of the incidents.

The written-off codes by themselves will not be easy to understand. But the PPSR report format and REVS Check Report gives you an easy-to-read description of what the NEVDIS written-off codes mean.

NEVDIS Stolen Vehicle Notification

The Stolen Status section in the report tells you if that vehicle associated with the VIN or Rego number was reported as stolen and the police jurisdiction in which it was reported.

NEVDIS Registration Status

Here, it details whether the vehicle is registered, suspended, or unregistered. It will also include the registration expiry date.

The NEVDIS database gives you the information you need to assess whether it’s worth it to buy a used car. You can get the NEVDIS information by doing a VIN Check. Get your VIN Check on REVS Check Report today.

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