About REVS Check Report

REVS Check Report is Australia’s easiest online search platform for REVS Check and car history reports. Our mission is to make it simple and affordable for anyone buying a used car to be able to access official information on the vehicle quickly and easily all at an affordable rate.

Our services include PPSR search, REVS Check, and Car History Checks using both a VIN number or a Rego number. We are the complete platform for better and faster car history checks online.

The REVS Check Report Difference

We are IT professionals and car enthusiasts. So, we know and understand the many issues affecting the car industry which is part of the reason for the development of the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) by the Australian government – to protect consumers when buying personal properties like cars.

REVS Check Report was developed as a way to may it easy and inexpensive for Australians to run car history checks before buying a used car. We want Australians to have the tools and the information at their fingertips to make informed decisions when making such large investments.

But, apart from too many customers being unaware of how easy it is to get a car history report, we found that most online sources are too expensive to access. This makes it difficult for customers to run checks on multiple vehicles so that they can eliminate the ones that they shouldn’t even consider. We give them an option. An option for affordable access to the PPSR. We are also the easy-to-use option for REVS Check online.

Car History Checks Made Easy

So, we provide affordable access to conduct a car history check online throughout Australia. We are built to access the PPSR quickly, so our customers can get an official PPSR certificate when they run a PPSR search online through our platform.

As a used car buyer, whether from a used car dealer and especially from a private seller, we recommend that you:

  • Run a REVS Check before you buy a used car. You can do that here with either the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Registration (Rego) number.
  • Get an official PPSR certificate as proof of your search
  • Make sure you read the car history report carefully before you decide on which car, motorcycle or another vehicle to buy.

Our simple 3-step PPSR Check, Revs Check, & Car History Check Process

Accessing a car history report is a simple 3 step process. All you need to do is:

  • 1. Enter the VIN/Rego number in the search box
  • 2. Hit Get Report
  • 3. Pay, and that’s it

A summary of the report is sent to your mobile phone as an SMS and the detailed report to your email.

Quickly get access to the PPSR records and a detailed car history report with REVS Check Report. Start today to protect your investment.

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